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    Picture of 100 Buildings

    100 Buildings

    An accessible primer to the most important architectural touchstones of our time by today s leading architects and teachers of architecture.
    Picture of 150 Best All New House Ideas

    150 Best All New House Ideas

    Picture of 150 Best Cottage and Cabin Ideas

    150 Best Cottage and Cabin Ideas

    Picture of 150 Best of the Best Apartment Ideas

    150 Best of the Best Apartment Ideas

    This gorgeous full-color guide in the popular design series showcases 150 apartments that demonstrate the range and imagination of some of the world's top architects and interior designers working today. Homeowners, designers, and architects are always looking for new sources of inspiration.
    Picture of 1930s House Explained

    1930s House Explained

    A guide to the style of houses built in the 1930s, in which tradition continued to dominate the outside while inside art deco was all the rage. This book contains many photographs and detailed drawings.
    Picture of 212box


    This beautifully illustrated large-format monograph reveals how multi-disciplinary architectural firm 212box has crafted and designed the interiors of a luxurious and bespoke penthouse suite in Houston, Texas.
    Picture of 2G / #78: Junya Ishigami

    2G / #78: Junya Ishigami

    Picture of 2G / #81: Arno Brandlhuber

    2G / #81: Arno Brandlhuber

    Picture of 2G / #85 Leopold Banchini

    2G / #85 Leopold Banchini

    Picture of 2g Essays: Flores & Prats

    2g Essays: Flores & Prats