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    Picture of Among the Wolves

    Among the Wolves

    Picture of Baby Goats 2024 12 X 12 Wall Calendar

    Baby Goats 2024 12 X 12 Wall Calendar

    Picture of Badgerlands


    The author of The Butterfly Isles turns his wry, affectionate attention to an even more beloved (and controversial) British animal - the badger
    Picture of Bats of the West Indies

    Bats of the West Indies

    Picture of Bears


    Bears is an introduction to an animal that has fascinated and terrified people throughout history. With full captions explaining how the species hunts and feeds, rears its young and migrates, it is a brilliant examination in 180 outstanding colour photographs of this fascinating animal.
    Picture of Big Book of Raising Chickens for Beginners

    Big Book of Raising Chickens for Beginners

    Picture of Birth and Human Evolution

    Birth and Human Evolution

    This is a careful study of obstetrical mechanics in monkeys, apes, and extinct hominids in order to understand the present crisis in human reproduction. By studying the evolution of anatomical structures and the mode of delivery among other primates, strong reasons are apparent for the present crisis in human labor and delivery.
    Picture of Bonobo


    The bonobo, least known of the great apes, is a female-centered, egalitarian species that has been dubbed the 'make-love-not-war' primate by specialists. This book compares the bonobo with its better-known relative, the chimpanzee. It is suitable for those who are interested in primates, gender issues, and evolutionary psychology.
    Picture of Book of Werewolves

    Book of Werewolves

    Picture of Cats


    Arranged in chapters covering physical characteristics, senses, lifecycle and behaviour, Cats features a huge range of breeds from all around the world. From Siamese to American Bobtail, the book expertly explores and celebrates this most beloved pet. With fascinating captions on every page, even cat lovers will learn something new.