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    Picture of According to The Rolling Stones

    According to The Rolling Stones

    The inside story of the Rolling Stones according to the Rolling Stones themselves.
    Picture of Adaptations of Shakespeare

    Adaptations of Shakespeare

    Shakespeare's plays have been adapted or rewritten in various ways since the seventeenth century. This anthology brings together thirteen theatrical adaptations of Shakespeare's work from around the world and across the centuries.
    Picture of Archaic and Classical Greek Art

    Archaic and Classical Greek Art

    An introduction to the art of archaic and classical Greece. Looking at the social and cultural contexts in which the rich diversity of Greek arts were produced, Robin Osborne shows how artistic developments were both a product of, and contributed to, the intensely competitive life of the Greek city.
    Picture of Archetypal Patterns in Fairy Tales

    Archetypal Patterns in Fairy Tales

    Picture of Architecture and Disjunction

    Architecture and Disjunction

    Picture of Architecture and Modernity

    Architecture and Modernity

    Picture of Archive of Feelings

    Archive of Feelings

    Argues for the importance of recognizing - and archiving - accounts of trauma that belong as much to the ordinary and everyday as to the domain of catastrophe. This title contends that the field of trauma studies, limited by too strict a division between the public and the private, has overlooked the experiences of women and queers.
    Picture of Aroma


    This text argues that smell is repressed in the modern West, and its social history ignored. It attempts to break the "olfactory silence" of modernity by offering an exploration of the cultural role of odours in Western history and in a wide variety of non-Western societies.
    Picture of Around the Tuscan Table

    Around the Tuscan Table

    Renowned food scholar Carole Counihan serves up a delicious narrative about family and food in twentieth-century Florence.
    Picture of Art of Listening

    Art of Listening

    From reality TV to political rallies, there is a clamour to be heard, to narrate, and to receive attention. It reduces 'reality' to revelation and voyeurism. This title argues that this way of life is having severe and damaging consequences in a world that is increasingly globalized and interconnected.