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    Ten Seconds: 'If you're looking for a gripping thriller that twists and turns, Robert Gold delivers' Harlan Coben

    ISBN: 9781408730584
    GTIN: 9781408730584
    Author Robert Gold
    Pub Date 14/03/2024
    Binding Paperback
    Availability: In Stock
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    After a tense birthday celebration in Haddley, journalist Ben Harper watches his boss, Madeline, get into the car that has come to collect her. He walks home, never imagining that by the next morning, Madeline will be missing. To find her, Ben will have to return to the now infamous murder case that made her journalism career over a decade ago. A case which, Ben quickly discovers, was never as simple as it seemed. But time is of the essence, and soon it's not just Madeline's life on the line.