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    The Kellerby Code: 'Magnificent.' Richard Osman

    Publisher: Faber & Faber
    ISBN: 9780571379880
    GTIN: 9780571379880
    Author Jonny Sweet
    Pub Date 21/03/2024
    Availability: In Stock
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    Edward is living in a world he can't afford and to which he doesn't belong. To camouflage himself, he has catered to his friends' needs: fetching drycleaning, sorting flowers for premieres. It's a noble effort, really - anything to keep his best pals Robert and Stanza happy. In return, his proximity to them might sponge the shame of his birth and violent past cleanly away. But the chink in his armour is his painfully unrequited love for Stanza. When he realises Stanza and Robert are an item, Edward is pushed too far. His little acts of kindness take a sinister turn, giving way to the unspeakable brutality Edward fears is at his core. Are there limits to what he will do for his friends? Are there limits to what he will do to them?