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    Picture of 1932 Census of The Standing Rock Sioux Reservation

    1932 Census of The Standing Rock Sioux Reservation

    Picture of 1971


    Picture of 25 Events That Shaped Asian American History

    25 Events That Shaped Asian American History

    This book provides detailed and engaging narratives about 25 pivotal events in Asian American history, celebrates Asian Americans' contributions to U.S. history, and examines the ways their experiences have shaped American culture. Asian Americans have made significant contributions to American history, society, and culture.
    Picture of A Critical Synergy

    A Critical Synergy

    Picture of A Different Mirror

    A Different Mirror

    Ronald Takaki's beloved revisionist history of America, praised by Howard Zinn as "a bold and refreshing new approach to our national history," now featuring a foreword from Clint Smith, author of the award-winning #1 bestseller How the Word Is Passed.
    Picture of A Terrible Thing to Waste

    A Terrible Thing to Waste

    A powerful indictment of the notion of hereditary intelligence, A Terrible Thing to Waste shows how environmental racism drives the black-white IQ gap and explains what can be done to remedy its toxic effects on marginalized communities.
    Picture of Activism in the Name of God

    Activism in the Name of God

    Celebrates twelve Black feminists who have made an indelible mark not just on Black women's intellectual history but on American intellectual history in general. The volume calls attention to the creativity of Black women who galvanized their readers, listeners, and fellow activists to seek justice for the oppressed.
    Picture of Activist Media

    Activist Media

    Picture of Adivasi Art and Activism

    Adivasi Art and Activism

    Picture of Aesthetics of Excess

    Aesthetics of Excess

    Analyzing the personal clothing, makeup, and hairstyles of working-class Black and Latina girls, Jillian Hernandez examines how cultural discourses of aesthetic value racialize the bodies of women and girls of color.